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It may be that it is so, and also often. In this case the film must try to come together in an ideal form to this condition, but avoiding falling into vulgarity or unworthy sensations. It is not denied that even a rather superficial representation can reach high artistic forms and be qualified even as an ideal, since man is also superficiality and not only depth: foolish, however, is he who is only superficiality and cannot deepen thoughts and feelings. As you will watch movies in stream movies online on 123movies you will slowly realize this.

No doubt it is granted to the ideal film to lead the weary and besieged spirit on the thresholds of the world of illusion, so that it may enjoy a brief respite in the overwhelming reality; but he will take care not to play the illusion with such forms, which is taken by the souls too inexperienced and weak as reality. The film, in fact, which leads from reality to illusion, must then lead back from illusion to reality, somehow with the same sweetness that nature uses in sleep. It too subtracts the weary man from reality and plunges him, for a short time, into the illusory world of dreams; but, after sleep, he restores him, refreshed and almost renewed, to the aroused reality, to the usual reality in which he lives and which he, even with work and struggle, must unceasingly dominate.

Respect and understanding for the spectator are not sufficient for his evaluation, as is the correspondence to the legitimate expectations and the right wishes of him. We must also adapt to the demands of the duty inherent in the nature of the human person and, in particular, of the spirit. Man, from the moment in which reason rises up to the extinction of this, has a copy of individual offices to be fulfilled, at the base of which, as the foundation of all, lies the right to dispose of himself, that is to say , according to the honest thought and feeling, according to intelligence and conscience. The necessary directive norm for this purpose, man derives it from the consideration of his nature, from the teaching of others, from the word of God to men.

Well, an ideal film has just the high office to place the great possibility and power of influence, which we already recognized to cinematography, to the service of man and to help him to maintain and implement the affirmation of himself in the path of the rectum and the good. To experience more watch in 123movies.